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Connect domains to my website

Website Builder for Designers can connect your website with other domains. Through domain binding, you can connect your site with up to 10 domains — plus the included test URL. For a consistent visitor experience, edit your desktop and mobile site templates before you bind domains.

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account and open your product.(Need help opening your product?)
  2. Under Manage Website, select Set up domain for site.
    Set up domain for site
  3. Add your domain name(s):
    • To add a domain you already have with GoDaddy, click Select a domain you own... and choose your domain name.
      Select a domain you already own
    • If your domain is not with GoDaddy, click Add an external domain... Enter your domain name, click Bind Domain, follow the steps provided, and then click Done.
      Bind domain
    • To buy a new domain, click Get a new domain. You'll be able to Search for a domain and complete any purchases.
      Get a new domain

    Note: You can only bind domains to the default home page and not any other pages.

  4. After you add your domain, select Set up my domain.
  5. Below The site is currently bound to, you can check that the domain(s) bound to your site.
    Check the connected domains
  6. When you're all finished, click Done.

More info

  • Check your site using the included test URL, which can be selected under Free GoDaddy URL.

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