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How do URL Coupons work in Managed WordPress Ecommerce?

The features of the WooCommerce URL Coupons plugin have been built in natively to your Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan. You can get started using them right away, without taking any extra action!

  • URLs are not case-sensitive. is the same as
  • If you are using plain permalinks on your site, you must include a "?" before the URL (e.g. ?freeshipping).
  • If you choose a page of an existing product/post/page, any customer that views that product or page will have a coupon applied.

Can I use a trailing slash in the URL?

Adding a trailing slash is possible, although it will affect the way the coupon behaves. If you want one (and only one) URL to apply the coupon, apply a trailing slash to the URL.

If you do not add the trailing slash, it adds additional flexibility to the way that you can use the URLs, and especially adds options for personalization.

For example, you might create a coupon with code "congrats" and set the unique URL to coupon/congrats. If you wanted, you can personalize this URL, as any URL that starts with this URL will also have the coupon applied. So you can give URLs to your customers like to apply the same coupon code. Adding the trailing slash removes the option to use "generic" URLs like this.

Why are my coupons not applying? Why do they break after one use?

If you're experiencing issues like this, they are most likely due to a caching settings on your site. It's possible for the URL of the coupon to be cached by your caching service, which will cause the coupon functionality to break.

We recommend that you use a unique prefix for all of your coupons, such as coupon/, then set your caching plugin not to cache any requests with that prefix. If you have questions about what this might look like on your site in particular, please reach out to our care team!

Your Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan will default to using "pretty" permalinks; we recommend this over plain permalinks for SEO and user friendliness.

If you're using the plan default pretty permalinks of Month and Name, you'll be able to use your URL coupons without issue. However, if you've changed the setting to Plain you will need to adjust your coupon's unique URL to include a "?" before the URL (e.g. ?freeshipping).

I had been using WooCommerce URL Coupons, and received a notice that my coupon settings have been transferred to the native feature. Do I need to do anything?

No, there's nothing you need to do. All of your coupon's settings are automatically transferred, so your customers can continue using the discount links as you provided. We'll deactivate the plugin for you as well, and we recommend that you delete it from your site.

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