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Plesk: Generate CSRs (Certificate Signing Requests)

When you request an SSL certificate for a website using Parallels Plesk Panel, you must first generate a certificate signing request (CSR). After you generate the CSR, log in to your account to complete the certificate request.

When you generate the CSR, you must provide certain information about your organization. If the domain name on the certificate request belongs to a registered organization, be sure to specify what is legally registered for the organization. For more information, see the About the Distinguished Name section of Generate a CSR (certificate signing request).

Use these steps to generate a CSR using Plesk Parallels Panel 17.x. or 18.x.

  1. Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel.
  2. From Hosting Services, click Domains.
  3. Select the domain you want to generate the CSR for.
  4. From the dashboard, select SSL/TLS Certificates.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • For Plesk 17.x: Select Add SSL/TLS Certificate.
    • For Plesk 18.x: Select Manage under Download or remove existing certificates. Then select Add SSL/TLS Certificate.
  6. Enter a Certificate Name.
  7. Select the Bit Size 4096.
  8. Enter the requested information:
    • Country: The two-letter International Organization for Standardization (ISO) format country code for where your organization is legally registered.
    • State or Province: Name of the state or province where your organization is located. Do not abbreviate.
    • Location: The locality or city where your organization is legally registered. Do not abbreviate.
    • Organization Name: The legally-registered name for your business. If you are enrolling as an individual, enter the certificate requestor's name.
    • Department: The name of your department, such as "Information Technology."
    • Domain Name: The fully-qualified domain name, or URL, you're securing.

      Note: For multi-domain Wildcard certificates, enter an asterisk (*) as the subdomain. For example, *

    • Email Address: The email address of the requester.
  9. Select Request to generate the CSR.
  10. In SSL Certificates, select the name of the certificate.
  11. Highlight and copy all of the text in the CSR box, including header and footer lines:

  12. Paste the CSR into a text editor such as Notepad.
  13. Log in to your account to complete the SSL request form. Paste the entire CSR into the field provided, and submit your request so that we can begin verifying your application.

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