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Why was I charged twice?

When you review your billing statement it may appear that GoDaddy has charged you twice, or taken double payments. The quickest way to confirm a double payment is to sign in to your GoDaddy account and review your order history. Duplicate billing may occur for one of these reasons:

  • A transaction for an autorenewal was declined due to insufficient funds. When this happens, GoDaddy will attempt the autorenewal multiple times using all payment methods you have set as backup payment methods until the autorenewal is successful. Because this can take time, the payment and the autorenewal may appear very close to each other on your bank statement and could appear to be a duplicate charge. To verify whether you have been charged twice, check the last few months of your order history and banking statements.
  • You may have made purchases for the same amount on multiple accounts with the same payment method very close to each other, which can look like a duplicate transaction. To verify whether you have been charged twice, review each of your GoDaddy accounts.
  • You intentionally purchased multiple subscription time periods (such as purchasing two 1-year subscriptions to get 2 years' worth of service). These will appear as multiple transactions on your bank or credit card statement.
  • The additional charge may only be an authorization hold for a completed purchase. An authorization hold is a temporary hold placed on a portion of the funds or available credit in a cardholder’s account, typically because the final total of a transaction is unknown at the time authorization is requested. Authorization holds can look like duplicate transactions and can appear to have been completed or show as pending.

    Note: Debit and credit card authorization holds will fall off the account, rendering the balance available again. The amount of time it takes for this to occur depends on the issuing bank. For additional questions, reach out to your financial institution.

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