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Can I unpublish my site?

Once you’ve published your website, there's no way to unpublish, hide, or otherwise take down your site after it's live (even temporarily). Instead, you have a few options on what you CAN do.

Option 1: Create a front or landing page and hide the rest

A one-page website works great for many businesses. All you need is your business name, a high-quality background image and contact info (email, phone number or address).

If you’re a seasonal business, you can say something like “Taking a break for the winter...See you next Spring!” but that's optional. If you're still under construction, you can say something about your upcoming launch with a date.

This option is best because it helps your search engine optimization (SEO). You don’t want to lose any SEO and a new site can take up to a few weeks to index. (Learn more about site indexing and SEO.)

  1. Change your home page to something that you can display.
  2. Hide pages by changing the page settings of the rest of your pages.
  3. When you're finished and ready to launch, change the page settings back and unhide your pages.

Option 2: Point your domain to a different website

Also known as redirecting your domain or forwarding your domain, you can always send people who visit your URL to another URL.

For instance, you might forward your URL to your Google My Business site or a social media site (Facebook page, Instagram profile, etc.)

It will take 24-48 hours for domain forwarding (or canceling forwarding) to take effect.

  1. Temporarily forward your domain to your business.site or other website.
  2. Work on your site in Websites + Marketing as you normally would.
  3. When you're finished and ready to launch, publish your site then stop your domain forwarding.

Option 3: Point your domain to a parked page

If you don’t have another website you can use, another option is to park your site. Customers who visit your site will be redirected to one of our pages with your URL on the page.

In order to point your domain to a parked page, contact Customer Support and ask us to help you set your site to a parked page.

This is the least recommended option because you won’t have a chance to establish your own branding while you work on your site.

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