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Here’s a round-up of the most-visited articles for Linux Hosting with cPanel. Use it as your guide—from the basic steps of setting up your hosting and uploading content, right through more advanced topics like database management and changing PHP settings.

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Discover Linux Hosting with cPanel Copy files to my site
Publish my website Fine-tune my website
Work with databases Use PHP scripts and applications

Discover Linux Hosting with cPanel

Learn about setting up your hosting account and how to manage your websites. (Back to top)

Copy files to my site

Learn about FTP and upload your website files. (Back to top)

Publish my website

Choose a content management system (CMS) to build your website online and preview your website before making it live. (Back to top)

Fine-tune my website

Manually install an SSL certificate, redirect URLs and add IP. (Back to top)

Work with databases

Import, export and connect to MySQL databases. (Back to top)

Use PHP scripts and applications

Build a feature-rich website with PHP. (Back to top)


Why isn't my website displaying? (Back to top)

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