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Editing Your Registered Nameservers/Hosts

If you set up your own hosts for your Domain Name Server (DNS) service, you can edit your host name and add or edit IP addresses.

WARNING: If there are domain names currently pointed to these hosts, changes you make can affect how those domains function. Be cautious and verify your settings before saving changes.

To Edit Your Registered Hosts

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
  3. Click the domain name you want to edit.
  4. On the Settings tab in the Host Names section, click Manage.
  5. Click Edit (edit) or Add Hostname.
  6. Enter the hostname information you want to use, and then click Edit or Add.
  7. Click Save.

Host changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. This means your hosting or other domain name features might not work during the propagation period.

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