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Get started with staging in Managed WordPress

A staging site lets you build and test your website without modifying the content your visitors see on the live production site. Here are some things you should keep in mind when using a staging site:

  • All Managed WordPress plans (except Basic) come with exactly one staging site for each live website. If you have a Basic plan, you will need to upgrade your account to have a staging site.
  • Staging sites use a domain we automatically generate for you. You cannot choose a different domain or add another domain to the staging site.
  • Your staging site is persistent. We don't destroy and create staging sites for you every time you push to or pull content from it. This can explain some synchronizing issues you might experience.

How do I use a staging site?

Your staging site starts out as a fresh install of WordPress that's hosted alongside your production site. You can pull the contents of your production site into the staging site. When your work is complete, you can push the changes you made on the staging site into production to make them live.

This is the normal order of operations to get started with a staging site:

  1. Create my staging site
  2. Pull my production site into staging
  3. Access my staging site
  4. View my staging site
  5. Push my staging site into production
  6. Remove my staging site