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Restore Microsoft 365 user email accounts

After a user is deleted, you have 30 days to restore them. A user can only be restored to the same or a higher plan and to the same GoDaddy account. Any aliases associated with the user will also be restored.

Note: If you try to restore a user previously set up using an Email Essentials Free Trial, you'll be asked to purchase an Email Essentials or higher plan.
  1. Sign in to your Email & Office Dashboard (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Next to Users, select Restore deleted users. You'll be taken to the Restore Deleted Users page with a list of restorable users.
    • If you do not see Restore deleted users, on the leftmost side, select Microsoft 365 Admin, and then Restore Deleted Users.
    The Restore deleted users button highlighted.
  3. Next to the user you want to restore, select Restore.
  4. Depending on whether you have an eligible account type to use to restore the user, you'll need to either select a plan or purchase a new one:
    • If you have an eligible account, select an Account type and/or Expiration date.
      The Expiration date field highlighted as an example.
    • If you don't, under Purchase Now, select Complete Purchase. After you purchase a new account, you'll be able to restore the user.
  5. To restore the user with a temporary password, turn on the Password toggle. Or, to create your own password, turn off the Password toggle, and then enter a password.
    The Password toggle highlighted.
  6. Select Restore User. You'll see a confirmation that the user is being set up and restored.

It could take up to a day for us to restore the user. When the user is ready for use, we'll notify the email address listed under Send account info to.

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