An entrepreneur revolutionising the smart home industry in Dubai

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Nada ElSharkawy

In the technological era that we live in; there tends to be a trend of automating processes and tasks. So, everything is becoming smarter: smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, smart homes and even smart cities. Engineer Mohamed Saieed saw that as an opportunity to be part of the technological revolution and started Teqneia, a leading smart home automation company in Dubai.

Mohamed is a self-committed person, who studied Computer Science at Swansea University. Then to add up to his skill set and to help him with his role as a CEO, he pursued an MBA. Moreover, to keep up with an ever changing industry and to help him advance in his field he pursued a diploma in Marketing from the American University in Cairo and a diploma in Artificial Intelligence from Oxford. He is the cofounder of several companies and Teqneia is one of the dearest to his heart.

Reforming the smart home industry in Dubai

Teqneia is the seed of Mohamed’s passion towards making home a better place to live, bringing the latest technologies to your doorstep. It feels different when you have it all in, not in just a room in a five-star luxury hotel.

He believes that technology has been a mysterious world for a lot of people, especially those who do not have enough knowledge about tech. So, customers would come to Teqneia looking for a certain solution without knowing the requirements or what they exactly need to purchase. It’s Teqneia’s job not only to provide them with what they need, but to also give the customer the knowledge that he requires through consultation and advising about the best solutions for them. Mohamed says:

In an industry that is well known for its complicity, we intend to simplify the tech knowledge to everyone out there.

He is also a dreamer who has many ideas that he’d like to implement in the next five years. Mohamed explains:

Our future plans for Teqneia is to invest in very optimistic smart home solutions that have never been in the market before.

He believes that these solutions will help innovate the smart home industry. He is talking about connectivity, enhancement and singular access to multiple solutions all at once. But that's not all, they have been working on a solution that would allow homeowners to manage their devices from a single access point to ease their life.

Building an online identity for Teqneia

smart home dubai teqneia website

Mohamed believes that a website represents the business’s online identity, it gives the first impression of your business, and you wouldn’t want to give a bad one, would you? Websites are currently very essential for all businesses, as it helps potential customers and clients to better understand your services and products.

Teqneia is a sub-brand of Potensia Systems and due to the massive growth in Teqneia, they decided to build a dedicated website for the business. Mohamed says:

Six months ago we were trying to find the best platform to establish our website, and we couldn’t find a better option than GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool to use to build our website.

Mohamed explains that the tool is user-friendly, cost efficient and it also offers built-in marketing tools like SEO optimization. He’s been a loyal GoDaddy customer, who uses not only the Websites + Marketing tool, but also domain names, web hosting and professional email from GoDaddy.

Mohamed adds:

I consider GoDaddy a one-stop-shop for businesses, where they can find everything they need to set up their online identity.

The entrepreneur’s golden rules for success

smart home teqneia founder Mohamed Saieed

Mohamed had always been passionate about technology. This passion started at a very young age when he was only 10. His passion grew as he started reading and self-learning, and he realized that this is what he wants to do in the future.

He also enjoys being his own boss and being an entrepreneur. He explains: “When you’re your own boss, it’s very different from working for someone else. As you'll be working towards your dream and passion. You’ll be learning something new every day, and it’s not only on the business side, but also on the personal side.”

On the other hand, he explains that working in the tech field isn’t smooth. He usually struggles in business because people don’t have the necessary knowledge. So, he needs to spend time educating them. By giving them the knowledge and education needed in tech, it makes his job much easier as they’ll be able to understand the needs and requirements.

Mohamed then tells us his four golden rules that helped him stay disciplined and driven towards success, he explains:

When I first started my career, I came up with four rules that I would abide by to guide me towards my goals in life.

His first rule is commitment. So, when he commits to an idea, no matter what obstacles he faces he’ll give it all the time needed, and dedication required to complete it through.

His second rule is constant learning. This means that when he has a new idea, task or a project that he’s unfamiliar with, he would spare no expense to learn how to complete this task in the best possible way.

His third rule is to never settle. Let’s say he is working on a task, and he’s not a hundred percent satisfied with the final outcome of it, he wouldn’t deliver it as is. He would keep on working on it, improve it until he’s satisfied with the final outcome.

And finally, his fourth golden rule is to believe in people. He says that no matter how good we think we are; we can’t see the full picture on our own. He adds that there is always a blind spot that other people can help us see and realize. That’s why we always need other people to consult and work with.

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