Strings of Success: Sherif Watson’s Entrepreneurial Journey as a Musician in Egypt

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In the world of music, where notes and melodies intertwine, Sherif Watson, musician in Egypt and the CEO of Pocket Music School, has orchestrated a unique symphony of entrepreneurship and artistic passion. From playing in clubs to nurturing a musical community, Sherif's journey is an ode to the transformative power of music. Let's delve into his melodic narrative and explore the harmonious intersection of his musical career and business endeavors.

From Keys to strings

Sherif's musical journey began at an early age, playing keyboards in his childhood before transitioning to the guitar at 17. His formal education in music at the faculty of music, coupled with mentorship from a Berkeley professor, laid the foundation for his dual roles as a teacher and musician in Egypt. The teaching path found him serendipitously while he was performing in a club, marking the inception of his commitment to both playing and imparting musical wisdom.

Sherif Watson, CEO of Pocket music school sitting with his guitar

Discovering the rhythm of entrepreneurship

Sherif's foray into entrepreneurship began organically. Starting as a guitar teacher offering lessons from his home, he soon realized the potential to scale his venture. The idea of creating a musical community sparked, leading to the birth of Pocket Music School. Sherif's dream was to form bands within his student community, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for musicians of all ages in Egypt.

Sherif Watson, CEO of Pocket music school visiting his GoDaddy website

The Pocket Music School experience

Founded in March 2021, Pocket Music School is on an upward trajectory. While currently thriving, Sherif envisions expanding its reach through online lessons worldwide. The school sets itself apart through its commitment to quality teaching and professional instructors who impart invaluable tips and tricks to accelerate musical growth.

Mastering the challenges: standing out in a crowd

Like any entrepreneurial musician in Egypt, Sherif faces challenges. In a world marked by global inflation, standing out amidst competition is demanding. However, he firmly believes that dedication and a commitment to quality can overcome any obstacle. Pocket Music School distinguishes itself by offering not just music lessons, but an experience marked by exceptional teaching standards by professional instructors and musicians in Egypt.

Sherif Watson, CEO of Pocket music school playing with his guitar

Sherif's utilization of digital channels extends beyond social media. His decision to build a website stemmed from the desire to present Pocket Music School as more than just a social media entity. The website serves as a central hub for clients to book lessons, access blogs, and organize free lessons. Sherif emphasizes the importance of a website in providing clients with a comprehensive view of the business and its musicians in Egypt.

My best advice is to appear online by having a website and social media accounts.”

Sherif Watson, CEO of Pocket music school visiting his GoDaddy website

A symphony of growth: nurturing musical talent

The heartwarming moments for Sherif come alive when witnessing his students and candidates perform on stage. His advice for budding entrepreneurs echoes the importance of establishing an online presence through websites and social media. For Sherif, the culmination of it all is witnessing the growth of his musical venture.

“The most heartwarming experience for me is when I see my candidates and students performing on stage.”

Crafting a digital presence with GoDaddy

Choosing GoDaddy was a pivotal decision for Sherif. The user-friendly interface and affordability empowered him to build and modify his website independently, without the need for technical expertise. Sherif utilizes GoDaddy products, including domains, professional emails, and the website builder, to streamline the online presence of Pocket Music School.

“I decided to go to work with GoDaddy because it has all the tools that I need and it's very affordable and very user-friendly”

Sherif Watson, CEO of Pocket music school playing with his guitar

Harmonizing passion and entrepreneurship

Sherif Watson's journey from a musician in Egypt to entrepreneur is a testament to the transformative power of passion, persistence, and the seamless integration of digital tools. Pocket Music School continues to strike a chord, resonating not only with the notes of music but with the aspirations of all musicians in Egypt. As Sherif's business crescendos, his story serves as an inspiring melody for those looking to harmonize their passion with entrepreneurial spirit.

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