50 blog post ideas to get you inspired

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Will Stevens

Short of ideas for blog posts? Here’s a list of 50 blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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1 Ask questions on social media

Social media is a great place to find out what’s on people’s minds, which means it’s a great place to find blog post ideas.

Ask your social media followers for their answers to a big question in your niche and then turn their responses into a blog post.

2 See what your competitors are doing

What are other people in your niche blogging about? Have they written about a topic you haven’t covered but could? Check in on their posts to get inspired but keep your content original and unique.

3 Follow up on an older post

Are any of your older posts now out of date? Consider updating them or creating a new post about the latest developments on that particular topic to keep them fresh and potentially improve your blog SEO.

4 Write a top ten list

Buzzfeed built a media business on lists and it’s still a popular format with readers. Your top ten could focus on an issue within your niche or it could be something personal to you – experiment with content and see what works best.

5 Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is great way to discover subjects that people are interested in because it gives you an insight into what they search for online. You can use a tool like GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization or SEMRush to find keywords related to your niche. You can learn more about website keywords in this guide.

If a particular subject worked well in the past, it’s a sign that it could work well again. Check all the sources of data you have available. If a particular article performed well in organic search, social media or via email, think of new ways to cover the topic.

7 Create a list of resources

What are your go-to tools for success in your niche? Which blogs do you find yourself reading on a daily basis? Putting together a list of resources you love can be a great idea for a blog post.

8 Run a competition or giveaway

Running a competition or giveaway will not only inspire at least one post, it could also help you expand the reach of your blog.

Before you start, just make sure you’re familiar with the rules you need to meet in order to run a competition. You can learn more about that here.

This guide explains how you can promote your website with giveaways.

9 Interview a fellow expert

Interviewing another expert in your niche can bring a fresh voice to your blog and expand your reach (if the person you’re interviewing shares the post on their social channels).

And you don’t have to stop at just one interview – you could do a whole series of posts.

10 Tell a success story

If you have customers, or even if you’ve just helped/inspired someone through your blog posts, then ask them to share their success story with you.

You can either interview them for a blog or ask them to write a guest post.

11 Convert other content into a blog post

Reusing content is a great idea. If you’ve got other forms of content (such as videos or social media posts) look at ways you can convert that content into one or more blog posts.

12 Create an in-depth guide on your topic of expertise

People read your posts because they’re interested in what you have to say, so why not go further and create a post that gives a deep dive into your area of expertise?

13 Round up your older posts

It could be an end-of-year roundup of your best posts, or a roundup of your best posts since you began blogging.

Whatever approach you choose, a round up is a great way to make old ideas fresh.

14 Try something different and blog the results

Exactly what the “something different” is depends on your niche and what else you do. You might try a difference way of cooking a recipe and blog about whether it worked.

Or you might want to change something in your business’s checkout process and blog about the results of the experiment.

There are plenty of possibilities.

15 Write a response to someone else’s post

If a popular blogger in your niche has written something you disagree with, write a post that responds to them.

There’s no need to be confrontational – take it as an opportunity to share your thoughts, knowledge and expertise. They may even share a balanced response with their readers.

16 Look on question and answer sites

Want to know the burning questions people have about your blogging niche? Read through a site like Quora or use a tool like Answer the Public to find out.

Once you’ve highlighted the key questions, write a series of blog posts about them.

17 Create a news roundup

Track news stories about your niche and create a weekly or monthly round up post, throwing in your views on developments as appropriate.

18 Create a showcase for other bloggers/businesses

Profiling bloggers in your niche, or other businesses that complement yours, is not only a great idea for a series of posts, but could also help extend the reach of your blog.

19 Invite guest authors

You don’t always have to come up with your own blog post ideas. Attracting a selection of reliable guest authors can bring a fresh feel to your blog.

20 Write about a mistake and what you learned from it

What did you get wrong? How did you learn from the experience? How can others avoid making the same mistake as you? What you’ve learned from your mistakes could work as beneficial content for your readers.

21 Give a profit/loss breakdown

People love stats. If you’re willing to share the data, a monthly breakdown of your profits/losses with commentary could get readers hooked.

22 Provide a tutorial

It could be how to fix a broken tap, or it could be how to get the most out of a particular software package. Take something you know how to do and break it down into a step-by-step tutorial.

23 Use a blog post title generator

Something like Portent’s title generator will help get your creative juices flowing.

24 Review a book

It could be a book you’ve read and enjoyed, or it could be a book that’s popular in your niche. Just pick one and share your thoughts on it.

25 Try vlogging

Adding video to your blogging mix allows you to tackle new topics. You can read this guide to learn more about getting started with video content.

And don’t forget to repurpose your vlogs as written blog posts whenever possible.

26 Create an infographic

Gather stats relevant to your niche and then turn them into an infographic using a tool like Over by GoDaddy.

Embed the graphic in a blog post and share it with influencers in your niche.

What do books, movies and TV programmes get wrong about your niche? What do they get right? Blogging about how your niche is portrayed in popular culture can help educate people about what you do.

28 Make a prediction for your niche

What’s the next big thing for your niche? How will it change over the coming year? There are plenty of areas to make a prediction about, and they can make compelling content.

29 Debunk a myth about your niche

What do outsiders get wrong about your niche? What do people in your niche believe to be true, but isn’t? Pick a myth about your niche and debunk it with evidence.

30 Create a challenge for yourself

It could be trying a new form of exercise for a month, trying to hit 5,000 Twitter followers before the end of the year, or anything else that springs to mind.

Create a challenge, blog about why you’re doing it, how you’re trying to rise to your challenge and, when it’s all over, whether you succeeded and what you learned.

31 Ask for readers thoughts on a topic

Ask readers to send you their thoughts on a particular topic and create a blog post from their answers.

Is it up to the job it’s supposed to do, or does it have major shortcomings? Let people know your honest feelings in a review.

If you’re blogging in a niche where gadgets are used, such as cookery, then you also have the scope to write reviews.

34 Revisit a blog post where you got things wrong

If you’ve made predictions in the past and things didn’t turn out as expected, explain what you got wrong and why in a new post.

There are podcasts covering every niche you can think of, and people want to know which ones are worth listening to. Help them out by creating podcast reviews or sharing a list of your favourites.

36 Write about your creative process

Even if you’re just writing blog posts, you still have a creative process. Of course, if you’re in a creative niche as well, you’ll have even more to write about.

37 Attend an event and blog about it

Events are a great way to learn new things and a great source of new blog material. Consider writing a “things I learned at” style post for any event you attend in the future.

38 Turn a presentation into a blog

If you’ve spoken at events, you can turn your presentation into a post or series of posts.

39 Write about your unusual tips for success

If your journey to success wasn’t quite like that of anyone else, write a post detailing the tips you’d give someone starting on the same path.

Search for popular posts in your industry and compile them to create a blog post. You can divide the tweets into several subtopics, allowing you to create multiple posts.

41 Write about someone who has helped you

Did someone mentor you when you started out? Or has someone recently helped you learn a new skill? Blog about the person and what they taught you.

42 Write about getting started in your niche

There are always people looking to break into any given niche. What tips would you give to someone who is just starting out?

43 Run a survey

If you’ve got a small budget to spend, you can use a tool like Google Surveys to gather original stats which can make for great blog posts.

44 Blog about what inspires you

What gets you out bed every morning? Blog about the things that keep you inspired from day to day.

45 Blog about something that effects everyone in your niche

Has a big change recently impacted your niche? Blog about the impact its currently having and what effect you think it will have in the future.

46 Blog about your plans for the future

Let readers know what’s next for your blog, business or even just your personal plans.

47 Blog about a problem you’re facing

Stuck with something and don’t know what to do next? Blog about the problem you’re facing and ask readers for their ideas on what to do.

48 Write a “day in the life” post

Describe your typical day, including the running of your blog/business. If the post is a success, approach other people in your niche and ask if you can write a similar post for your blog about them.

49 Blog about the most important skills to have in your niche

What do you have to be really good at to succeed in your niche? Outline the skills that you believe are most important.

50 Blog about things you’d wish you’d known when you started doing X

It could be things you’d wish you’d known when you started blogging, or when you started a business, or any number of other things.

Compile a list of things you’ve learned along the way to help other people avoid mistakes you may have made.