E-commerce Starter Kit: Elevate SMEs with du & GoDaddy

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The collaboration between GoDaddy and du represents an initiative that brings together GoDaddy's expertise in web solutions with du's telecommunication prowess. This partnership aims to empower SMEs in the UAE by offering an E-commerce Starter Kit, which includes key tools necessary for establishing a strong online presence. The goal is to help facilitate SMEs in their digital transformation journey, providing them with a platform to grow and succeed in the digital marketplace.

The components of the e-commerce starter kit

The E-commerce Starter Kit is a comprehensive package designed to cater to the diverse needs of SMEs in the digital landscape. This kit includes a .COM domain name, a professional email address, and an online store platform. Each component plays a vital role in establishing and enhancing an SME's online presence.

GoDaddy & du starter kit educational event

Domain name and how to choose the right one

Choosing the right domain name is crucial for creating a strong online identity. A domain name is not just an address for your website; it's a key component of your brand's online presence. The video outlines the importance of selecting a domain that is short, memorable, and relevant to your business. It also highlights the benefits of choosing a .COM domain for broader appeal.

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What can you do with your new .COM domain?

A .COM domain offers versatility and credibility. It can be used to set up a professional email, create a website, and even forward to your social media pages. This flexibility is essential for expanding your online reach and enhancing your brand's digital footprint.

E-commerce starter kit: What Can You Do with Your New .COM Domain

Professional email address and why do you need one?

A professional email address is vital for establishing credibility and trust with your customers. It serves as a primary point of contact and reflects your business's professionalism. The video emphasizes the importance of having a domain-based email rather than a generic one.


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What can you use your professional email for?

Your professional email can be used for various business activities, including sending invoices, conducting email marketing campaigns, providing customer support, approaching new clients, and receiving feedback.

E-commerce starter kit: What Can You Use Your Professional Email For

Online store & the checklist to sell online with your e-commerce starter kit

The E-commerce Starter Kit includes an online store platform that is crucial for SMEs looking to venture into e-commerce. The video provides a checklist for selling online, which covers securing a domain name, taking high-quality product photos, setting up product categories, writing product descriptions, and establishing payment options.

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How to set up your online store with GoDaddy's e-commerce starter kit?

Setting up your online store with GoDaddy is a straightforward process. The video walks you through the steps of choosing a template, getting started with the editor, setting up your store, managing store settings, and going over the to-do list to ensure your store is ready for customers.

GoDaddy & du starter kit educational event

Explore estore features

The GoDaddy E-store offers features like an online product catalog, integrated coupons and marketing tools, payment processing, Facebook and Instagram selling options, global shipping & currency support, and inventory management.

E-commerce starter kit: exploring your online store

Choose a template

Selecting the right template for your store is crucial. GoDaddy offers a variety of templates to match different business types. You can choose one that aligns with your business theme or start with a blank template and customize it to your liking.

E-commerce starter kit: choosing a template

Get started with your editor with the e-commerce starter kit

The editor is an integral part of setting up your store. It allows you to change the design, add or remove pages, and update website settings. Familiarizing yourself with the editor is key to creating a store that reflects your brand.

Get started with your editor

Set up your online store

The video details the process of opening the GoDaddy Website editor, adding an e-commerce store, and accessing the store management dashboard to overview and edit your store.

e-commerce starter kit: Set up your online store

Manage your store setting

Managing your store settings involves adding products and services, reviewing regional settings, selecting delivery options, setting up payment methods, and ensuring customer support channels are in place.

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Go over the 'To-do list'

The final step is to go over the to-do list provided by GoDaddy, which includes essential tasks to ensure your store is comprehensive, customer-friendly, and ready for business.


The collaboration between du business and GoDaddy is an important step in supporting SMEs in the UAE. With the E-commerce Kit, businesses have access to essential tools and guidance to establish and grow their online presence effectively. This initiative opens up new avenues for digital growth and success for SMEs in the region.

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