How to increase website ranking shortly after launch

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Will Stevens

If you’ve just launched a new website, you’re probably wondering about the best way to increase your website’s ranking.

There are several techniques you can use to increase website ranking and it’s a good idea to employ a mix of these tactics.

1. Increase website ranking with search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is a huge topic and it’s a crucial part increase website ranking over the long term. The bad news is that SEO won’t increase your website’s ranking straight away – it takes up to six months to see results.

However, the sooner you start working on SEO, the sooner it will help increase your website’s ranking.

Start by understanding the keywords your target audience uses to search for a website like yours and then ensure that your webpages are optimized around those keywords. You can learn about website keywords in this guide.

This guide explains more about how to get started with SEO as a beginner.

You can also use the GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suite, which contains an SEO tool.

2 Increase website ranking with local SEO (if relevant)

If you have a business website that serves a specific area, then you need to work on your local SEO. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of appearing when people search for things like “[restaurant] + [Dubai]”.

You’ll also have a chance to appear in map results, which will really help increase your website ranking.

You can learn how to set up your business on Google maps.

3 Increase website ranking with relevant social networks

Social media is a great way to increase website ranking, but it works best if you plan your social media activity before you get started.

It might feel like joining every social network available and the posting as much as possible is the way to go, but you’ll likely make more of an impact by taking a targeting approach.

Research which social networks your target audiences uses and the kind of content they’re interested in and then use that as the basis of a targeted social media strategy.

There are lots of mistakes business make when running their social media accounts, Here’s an article to show you some of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Increase website ranking with relevant social networks

4 Get your website noticed with interesting and useful content

A great way to increase website ranking is by creating interesting and useful content that people will be interested in.

This could be anything from a blog post which solves a problem your audience commonly experiences, to unique art that you’ve created yourself.

Just getting your interesting content out there will help increase website ranking, but you can also use it to build an email list and your social media followings.

This will help you attract people back to your site in the future and could help you make sales if that’s your overall aim.

5 Increase website ranking by building connections

Building the right connections can help get your website noticed in several ways.

Finding a social media influencer who already commands the attention of the audience you’re trying to reach can help build your social presence. They can also help boost the reach of your interesting content. Here’s a list of Arabic influencers worth following.

Getting your interesting content in front of someone who runs a popular website can help boost your SEO if they decide to link to your site.

And building connections with local journalists can help build the profile of your business in your local area.

Increase website ranking by building connections

6 Get your new website noticed with advertising

Search engine and social media advertising can be a low-cost way to increase website ranking, but you need to be careful you don’t end up spending too much.

Here’s an article on how to create ads on Facebook with 5 simple steps.

Search engine ads are a great way to drive people directly to the products and services you sell, but you need to identify the right way to target your ads and make sure that any campaigns you run are profitable.

Social media ads can be used to both sell products/services and build general awareness about your website.

Summing up

The best way to Increase website ranking is by using a mix of these techniques. Find a strategy that works for you and keep adding more to the mix as and when you can.

By working on the building blocks of SEO, social media, and paid advertising you’ll attract attention from a diverse range of sources.

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