Tips for converting leads into paying customers

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Randy A. Brown

Today, with so many offers and in-depth reviews available, getting a new customer to commit to a purchase can be a challenge. While the sales funnel model has remained mostly unchanged, the way you interact with consumers at each stage has evolved significantly. Read on for tips on converting leads into paying customers using the AIDA sales funnel model.

The AIDA sales funnel model

The process of converting shoppers into paying customers is defined by the acronym AIDA, which stands for the four stages of consumer behaviour:

  1. Awareness: Your marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns attract the attention of potential buyers.
  2. InterestUse email and social media marketing and other eye-catching promotional materials to retain interest.
  3. Desire: Now that you have your target’s awareness and interest, you need to make them want your product or service.
  4. ActionCalls-to-action in your content — blog posts, emails, social media, etc. — prompt your leads to take the final steps and make a purchase.

Interact with your audience on social media, engage in online chats, use social media influencers, and find other activities that make your target audience want what you have to offer.

AIDA funnel
AIDA funnel

You will see the most potential customers at the top of the funnel, and their numbers will dwindle as they trickle toward the bottom.

Those least motivated to make a purchase will leave the funnel during one of the earlier stages.

Some modified versions of the AIDA model add an “S” for satisfaction and an “R” for retention. Satisfied customers often convert to repeat customers and retaining them is just as important as finding new leads.

Customer satisfaction is not only contingent on advertising. In addition to an effective marketing campaign, there are other essential things needed for successful business growth.

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How to craft a sales funnel aimed at converting leads

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There are several proactive measures you can take to craft an efficient sales funnel.

Create lead-generating web content

Begin by creating lead-generating web pages at the top of your funnel, to give potential customers a clear understanding of your product through the content that pops up in their search results. Do this by researching your target audience and tailoring your pages to their demographics and characteristics.

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Nurture your leads

Next, nurture your leads to nudge them toward buying your product or service. To do this, you could use email marketing or host a free webinar on a topic that interests your target audience.

Your objective is to convince your potential customers that your product can solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

Identify your audience’s pain points and demonstrate how your products or services provide the ideal solutions.

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Turn your potential customer into a buyer

Your specific approach will depend on your niche. For some B2B companies, an efficient method for converting an interesting prospect is to have a sales representative contact them.

The most important thing at this stage is to focus on your buyer persona and tailor your sales approach to their unique characteristics. This might take some trial and error, but if you customize your approach and keep your customer’s needs in mind, you will discover what works best for your business.

Customers get plenty of calls a day from telemarketers, make sure you have a professional sales team.

Time and effort pay off in the long run

Investing time in crafting a revenue funnel aimed at converting leads and keeping track of it will eventually pay off in increased profits. Begin by creating content that draws in buyers’ interests, and then work to generate inbound links to your web pages — and be sure to keep track of your pages’ performance.

You won’t turn every lead into a customer, but following these steps will help you generate and retain a loyal customer base.

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