GoDaddy Domain Appraisals: A new domain valuation tool

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Joe Styler

Ready for some exciting news? GoDaddy is launching a new domain valuation tool to help you determine the value of your domains. All domain names have some kind of value. And although the million-pound domains aren’t as common, the domain name in your pocket could be worth more than you think.

To help you work out if you're sitting on a pot gold. We launched a new free domain valuation tool that helps you figure out the value of the domain names you own — or one you might have your eye on.

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals

If you own any domain names, you can quickly look up their value with GoDaddy Domain Appraisals and find out if you have any hidden gems.

Maybe you’re sitting on one of those great names worth millions of pounds. Even if you don’t have a name worth millions, it’s a good idea to understand the value of your domains. You might find out that a domain you own is worth more than you initially thought.

Understanding the value of your domains might help you rethink deleting and point you in the direction of selling.

If you have a good domain name, at some point you’re likely to get an unsolicited offer to purchase the domain. If you’ve used GoDaddy Domain Appraisals ahead of time, you’ll have a good idea of the value it holds and whether or not the offer is on point. You can also list the domain name for sale yourself, to see what kind of potential it has.

Knowing your domain’s worth might also come in handy when you’re looking to prioritize the renewals in your domain portfolio. You might even want to add extra protection to a domain name you own, like privacy, protected registration or added account security like two-step verification, to help further protect your valuable domains.

How does GoDaddy Domain Appraisals work?

At a high level, it operates in a similar fashion as appraisal tools in other industries do. These tools look for similarities in other goods that have previously sold somewhere, and then figure out how alike or different your object is.

Our algorithm uses both machine-learning and real market sales data to estimate domain values, providing you with comparable domain name sales so you can price your domains with confidence.

We also look at similar domain names based on the TLD and SLD — the words to the right of and left of the dot respectively (e.g., in the case of, cars is the SLD and .com is the TLD). Each domain name is different, and we factor uniqueness (among other things) into the equation, too.

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals — an excellent domain valuation tool

GoDaddy Domain Appraisals is a great way to get an initial look at what your domain name is worth. While it’s still prudent to do your own analysis before determining the value of any domains, having this automated, efficient and free domain valuation tool at your disposal is a great place to start. Go ahead, see what your domain name is worth.