Enhance your online marketing with these expert email marketing tips

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Katy Seibel

These days, there are countless ways to stay in contact with current or potential customers, and there’s more content than ever vying for eyes and clicks. That means you have to cut through a lot of noise and really take a thoughtful approach to successfully engage your audience. One such way is with email marketing, and there are plenty of expert email marketing tips out there.

You have a lot of options when it comes to online marketing — from Twitter to YouTube to blogging — and the smartest approach involves using multiple channels.

One platform to consider prioritizing is good old-fashioned email. While email newsletters are not the hottest new technology, they are one of the most effective ways to reach your customers.

Pretty much everyone checks email on a daily basis. Rather than requiring customers to remember you’re out there and to come visit you, email comes directly to them. It might not be a handwritten card, but there is something a little special about receiving a piece of mail — particularly if it’s personalized and contains quality content that is valuable to the recipient.

Email marketing tips with Adrian Gray

Email Marketing Tips Advice
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While email is a great marketing tool, it’s not foolproof. To really make the most of this channel, you have to give careful consideration to how you use it. We asked freelance digital marketing expert Adrian Gray for advice on the essentials of email marketing. Read on and check out the video clips for his helpful tips.

Build your audience

What good is a carefully crafted email campaign if you don’t have an audience? Start by building a strong subscriber list. You might not get a slew of signups over night, but your audience will steadily increase if you keep at it. While a big list is an asset, quality is just as important as quantity. Never “buy” emails from third-party sources. Instead, make email signup a prominent feature of your website. That way the people on your list are there because they want to be.

Get their attention

Keep in mind that your subject line is the first thing a customer sees. While you might have put together an amazing email, that won’t matter without an eye-catching, tell-me-more subject line because no one will care to open it. Don’t be afraid to get a bit creative. People tend to get a lot of promotional emails, so standing out in a sea of subject lines will give you the upper hand.

Reward the reader

Hooray! You got your customer to click — now provide a satisfying payoff with good content. What your email contains will depend on your business and target customer. But, it could be exciting information, like new product arrivals, a reward for your customer or even a limited-time voucher code. Remember to keep it short, sweet and relevant.

Seal the deal

The ultimate goal of sending an email is getting your customer to click through to your website. The best way to do that is with a strong call-to-action. Make them want to know more.

Start drafting

Follow these email marketing tips to create an effective email marketing plan. Then, keep the cycle going. Continue to put thought and effort into each email you send, and watch your subscriber list — and your business — grow.

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