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FREE Webinar – GoDaddy presents: Back to Business

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Thomas Costello

GoDaddy presents: Back to Business - join this exclusive webinar at 10am on 18.8.20 and learn how to grow your online business post lockdown

This virtual event will teach you how to grow your online business and connect you with other small business owners facing similar challenges since the global Covid-19 pandemic hit.

GoDaddy presents: Back to Business, is a free virtual event to help micro-business owners bounce back from COVID-19 and learn how to make the most of your online presence.

At this exclusive virtual event you will learn:

  • How GoDaddy can help you with your online presence in 2020 and beyond
  • Hear exclusive data about what is happening in your region and the support that is available to you
  • Hear from our partners as to how they can help you and your business stay open
  • Learn first hand how small businesses have adapted their businesses during Covid-19 and ask them question

And much more!

In addition to expert advice and resources, you’ll have access to a network of other small business owners whom you can share experiences with.


As well as the virtual event we have put together a number of resources to help you grow your online business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

8 ideas to help your small business during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to major changes to daily life in the UK, and to significant disruption for businesses across the nation.

It’s certain the situation will keep changing and change rapidly, so with that in mind here are some ideas to help small businesses cope during the pandemic. Read more here

Ways to keep your customers informed during the crisis

The COVID-19 situation is on everyone’s minds at the moment and you are likely to be wondering about the next steps for your business.

Regardless of the size of your business, your customers are likely coming to you right now with a flood of questions. Do you plan to stay open? Are you able to complete your outstanding commitments? What policy changes will your business implement?

Read more here

Want a beautiful website?


GoDaddy’s Website Builder can help you do this. Whether you’re planning your first site, a new site or are an existing Website Builder customer looking to do more this guide will help you unlock the full power of Website Builder.

Now, with the launch of GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, there are even more ways Website Builder can help you and your business succeed.



GoDaddy launched the #OpenWeStand initiative offering a number of free tools, widgets, resources and blogposts at OpenWeStand.org to help small businesses keep their digital doors open while their physical doors are closed. Over 50 companies have joined the cause, including Slack, Salesforce, PayPal, and more