Why should you register a .app domain?

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Will Stevens

Thinking of registering a .app domain but aren't sure if the new extension is the right fit for you and your business?

To help you decide, we'll take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to use a .app domain name.

But first, let's cover a bit of background information about .app domains.

A brief history of the .app domain extension

The origins of the .app domain extension date back to 2012, when ICANN, the body in charge of the internet's Domain Name System, announced its new generic top level domain (gTLD) programme.

What is a gTLD? Well, you'll already be familiar with a number of gTLDs even if you aren't aware of it. Examples of gTLDs include .com, .net and .org.

Under the new gTLD programme, hundreds more extensions are being made available for registration. Some of these, such as .London and .blog, have been around for a little while now. Others are yet to be released.

The .app gTLD release date was May 1st as part of Google's Early Access Programme, and May 8th for the general public.

At this point, you're probably asking "what has Google got to do with the .app domain?".

Well, as part of the new gTLD programme, ICANN allowed interested parties to apply to run a new extension. If there were multiple applications for an extension, then an auction was held. Google won that auction for the .app domain.

That means it controls the overall release of the domain, including when it became available to buy .app domain names through companies like GoDaddy.

Finally in this section, it's important to remember that .app is a secure namespace. What that means in practice is that you'll need an SSL certificate configured for your .app domain, or it won't load in most browsers. You can learn more about SSL certificates in this guide.

Currently, GoDaddy is offering a free standard SSL certificate for all .app domain names registered with us.

So now you know the background of the .app extension, here are the main reasons why it makes sense to register a .app domain for your business.

And when you're ready to find your perfect .app domain, just use this search box to look for it.

5 reasons to register a .app domain

1)  As a wider home for an existing app

If you're already running an app-based business, then a .app domain is a great place to build a home for your business on the wider web.

Of course, your app will primarily be found through the App Store and Google Play, but what if you want to provide a space for tech support, or a forum to help grow a community?

By creating a website on a .app domain you'll be able to do these things and more, while making sure your users can find your site quickly and easily.

2) In case you want to launch an app in future

You might not have an app for your business now, but what if you decide to create one in five years? At the time of writing, the .app extension is relatively new and that means you currently stand more chance of getting the .app domain you want.

If you leave it too long, you may find that when you start developing your app, your ideal .app name isn't available.

And of course, this applies even if you don't have an existing business - if you're planning on launching a standalone app at some point in the future, it pays to register your .app domain in advance.

3) General brand protection

Even if you're certain you'll never launch an app, registering a .app domain can still make sense. Why? Well, what if someone else was to register a .app domain using your brand name?

They may not be intending to use it maliciously, but it can still confuse customers and damage your brand reputation.

There are ways to deal with these kinds of issues after the fact, but they can consume substantial amounts of both time and money. By registering the relevant .app domain yourself, you can avoid these issues.

4) You're an app developer

If you make your living with through developing apps, registering a .app domain makes perfect sense. If you run your own business, then a .app site tells people exactly what you do, and you can use the site to show off your portfolio.

And even if you're employed by a larger business, why not register a personal .app address using your own name? It would make the perfect showcase for your work.

5) You're thinking outside the box

Although the .app domain name is most readily associated with apps, there are no limitations on the way the extension can be used.

For example, you might want to set up a job application portal for your business - why not go for .app? Or maybe you want to invest in a domain name that you think has potential? An interesting .app domain can sell quickly on GoDaddy Auctions.

Or perhaps you're an organisation that awards grants - a .app site would make a great place for people to apply for an award.

Whatever your reason for considering a .app extension, don't delay and snap yours up before someone else does.