How EZ Boxes lifted the lid on a new business with GoDaddy

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Matthew Pattinson

When EZ Boxes lifted the lid off their business idea, it was with the intention of providing delightful, delicious hampers to people with special dietary needs and tastes.

Have you found it difficult to buy a gift hamper for a friend or family member who is vegetarian, vegan or has food allergies? Well, now it isn’t difficult, it’s super EZ.

EZ Boxes: A gift (basket) that keeps on giving

Coming from a background in nursing, Lisajayne Storey understands the importance of good nutrition, not only on physical health but also for mental wellbeing. Furthermore, after 18 months of pandemic, everyone deserves a guilt-free treat. This is why EZ Boxes came into being - so a customised square meal can be delivered to anyone.

It is also important that EZ Boxes’ food selection helps to break the myth that vegan and vegetarian food and drink is boring, when - with a bit of care and attention to detail - Lisa can supply snacks and treats which she believes are tastier than their traditional equivalents.

Another one of the motivations behind EZ Boxes was to make every hamper bespoke, to help reduce waste. Everyone has, at one time or another, received a hamper which they either don’t use all of, or pass on to other people. In such cases, a lot of the food will sit on a shelf until it goes off. To avoid that, EZ Boxes are on a mission to ensure that everyone receives a hamper which contains only what they want and can use, so there is no waste.

As Lisa says: “People do not need to buy an expensive hamper that is wasteful, because products are not used. I also wanted to move away from hamper companies that use plastics. Also, I want to ensure, as much as possible, that we use recyclable products. Having our own website also gives our customers more confidence.”


Running a successful business means boxing clever

The most valuable lesson Lisa has learned since starting EZ Boxes is that you have to give 100% and it’s crucially important not to lose heart if you don’t sell anything straight away.

“One characteristic that has helped me on my online journey is a willingness to try new things and to not listen to people who say that a certain product will not sell; because that typically ends up being a top seller!”

The best part of Lisa’s day is making a sale and putting together a hamper, knowing that it will make someone smile. During these difficult times, each bespoke hamper - and no two are exactly the same - can cheer-up someone’s day - and helping to make a difference like that, is what keeps her going.

A GoDaddy website that works out of the box

We are delighted that EZ Boxes chose to entrust their business website with us at GoDaddy, and wondered why they chose us?

“The customer feedback was positive. After researching other companies, I felt more comfortable using GoDaddy as you have a number of helpful tutorials.”

Lisa found the prospect of setting up a website a bit daunting at first, but once she had chosen to partner up with GoDaddy, the help and tools available helped her understand the basics and principles behind what she was doing.

Lisa was grateful that she didn’t need to be especially tech-savvy to be able to create a beautiful and functional website.

“I have a basic understanding of IT, but not when it comes to websites. I spoke to a person at GoDaddy who was patient, professional and assisted me. He gave us lots of useful pointers and guidance on how to initially set up the website and various pages. We also had to have help having the difference in domains and websites explained to us. I really can’t praise him enough and he gave us lots of useful information on how to set up the site and maximise hits.”

Having chosen the GoDaddy Website Builder tool, how did Lisa find it?

“We wanted an easy-to-use tool to get the website up and functional as quickly as possible. After watching the tutorials, we soon got the hang of it. The GoDaddy products we’ve used are easy to follow with loads of online and telephone support. I am sure there is still lots to learn, but we currently have a functional and professional looking website.”

You can discover more about EZ Boxes tasty website and products here.

Feeling inspired?

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