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Thomas Costello

With the high street quieter than usual, we’re going virtual. As part of #GoDaddyShops, in the run up to Christmas, we’re shining a light on a number of our customers, giving them the chance to show off their finest products to a whole new audience. This time on The Virtual High Street: Oliver and James Slacke, founders of Swole Panda.

Swole Panda makes sustainable clothing and accessories from ethically-sourced bamboo. Yes, bamboo.

After learning about alternative resources and sustainability at university, Oliver and James decided to launch Swole Panda, with the aim of producing the best quality, longest lasting most sustainable accessories possible.

I was learning about sustainable development and the sheer impact humans are having on the natural environment. I wanted to create an accessories brand that would combine style with sustainability, minimising this impact. This led me to explore alternative resources where I came across bamboo.

Bamboo rarely if ever needs replanting. The miracle of bamboo is that it miraculously will sprout on its own and one acre of bamboo will yield ten times more than one acre of cotton.

It’s fair to say that, when Oliver and James discovered the quality and comfort of clothing made from bamboo, it blew their socks off.

And now, with each Swole Panda purchase, their customers become part of the movement pioneering a more sustainable future.

The brothers’ business has grown into a fashion mainstay, featured in British GQ, London Fashion Week, Attire Accessories, Boat International and Motorboat.

Simply Style Sock Box - 3 Pairs Of Bamboo Socks for Him

Simply Style Sock Box - 3 Pairs Of Bamboo Socks for Him

Simply Style Sock Box - 3 Pairs Of Bamboo Socks for Her

Simply Style Sock Box - 3 Pairs Of Bamboo Socks for Her

Bamboo Sock Subscription

Bamboo Sock Subscription

Bamboo Boxers

Swole Panda Bamboo Boxers

Sky Blue Striped Bamboo Socks

Sky Blue Striped Bamboo Socks From Swole Panda

More about Swole Panda

Oliver and James Slacke, founders of Swole Panda

Swole Panda’s website and digital presence has helped the company quickly put its best foot forward. As Oliver says: “Having a website allows you to do all of this, and also makes the barriers to entry in the global market place almost non-existent.”

Swole Panda has over 1200 five star reviews and 400 stockists raving about the quality, comfort and sustainability of their range of products.

And, they aren’t putting their feet up, they are expanding with the biggest range of sustainable accessories yet - including "comfort cuff" bamboo socks, extra large bamboo socks and a new range of belts made from recycled plastics.

Visit the website for more

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