Ship up to .boston.

Boston is a city that’s bursting with history. Visitors to this great town can tread the same roads that the founding fathers walked, and even visit some of their haunting grounds by following the Freedom Trail. It’s also arguably America’s biggest sports town, earning the nickname of “Titletown” for the number of championship teams in the metropolitan area. And now it’s your new home on the web with .boston.

Like the city and its residents, .boston is a domain with character. It tells the world where you hang your Red Sox hat, whether that’s within the city boundaries, or anywhere else. It’s a domain that’s bursting with pride, both from the local culture and the history behind it. Accordingly, a dot boston domain is perfect for individuals and businesses that have anything to do with Boston and the Boston metropolitan area.

People who spend any amount of time in Boston fall in love with this great city. And this new domain gives everyone a chance to own a piece of it, whether you’re a life-long resident, attending one of the many premier universities or just a fan of the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots. Of course, a dot boston domain is great for all sorts of businesses, too:

  • Area restaurants

  • Clothing stores, financial institutions, professionals or businesses of all kinds in the Boston-metro area

  • Historical landmarks in and around Boston

  • Breweries

  • Companies with “Boston” in their names

  • Fisherman and canneries that use Boston Harbor

  • Lobsters (OK, maybe not actual lobsters, but you get the idea)

Hit past the Monster with .boston.

The .boston domain is a great place to start your next big idea. You’ll want to stake your claim to a dot boston domain before anyone else. It’s a perfect time to get in while you can, because, like the city, this is going to be a popular domain, and it will start filling up fast.

So crank up the “Sweet Caroline,” get the Dropkick Murphys queued up and prepare yourself for your new online home. Get your .boston domain and get ready for a wicked awesome time.

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