A local and international business domain for Taiwan. is the domain for commercial enterprises in Taiwan, one of the first regions to roll-out free WiFi on a large scale. Highly successful hardware and IT software production gave Taiwan its place among the Four Asian Tigers, a powerful economic force that includes Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. In the dynamic startup scene of modern Taiwan, a domain communicates, at home and abroad, that your company is open for business.

The domain for an innovative economy.

The domain is a perfect choice for regional companies that locally supply or globally export any of the many creations of Taiwan. That may include medical supplies, bicycles and scooters, electronics, fashion or computer hardware. Taiwanese companies that produce solar-powered batteries, wind turbines, glass, textiles or biotechnology can benefit from this domain. If your business exports energy into the Taiwan market, then is the domain for you.

The domain is open to anyone for registration. The registry is maintained by TWNIC, a Taiwanese non-profit organization appointed by National Communication Commission (NCC) and ministry of transportation and communications ROC.