Lights, camera, action.

Who doesn’t like movies? No one, that’s who. Movies not only have a huge impact on the global economy, they bring the world closer together. Now there’s an exclusive domain for films and the people who love them. Roll out the red carpet for .film, the long-awaited domain extension dedicated to the film industry. As Humphrey Bogart put it, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Film is big business. As the cornerstone of the entertainment sector, movies generate massive global revenues and employ hundreds of thousands of people. And there are just as many parts of the film industry as there are types of movies. From talent agencies, production studios and animation companies to film festivals and distributors, the film industry has a broad reach that stretches well beyond Hollywood. Whatever part of the industry your website represents, a dot film domain tells web users you’re all about the big screen.

If you register it, they will come.

Promoting a .film? You’ll need a website. And there’s no better address extension for it than .film. Whether it’s a big budget blockbuster or an underground arthouse flick, dot film eliminates the need for long, unwieldy domain names, allowing you to register the address that exactly matches the name of your movie. Spaghetti westerns, rom-coms, slasher flicks, historical epics -- whatever type of movie you’re promoting, dot film is the clear domain choice to generate hype online.

But this A-list domain isn’t just for promoting films and filmmakers. Dot film extends beyond the film industry to sites for movie lovers, critics, educators and beyond. Online reviews and movie listings will find an ideal domain with .film, as will film schools, film preservers and movie technology suppliers.

Hit the mark with .film

As the exclusive domain for all things related to movies, .film can help boost the profile of any part of the industry. This authoritative domain creates an online space that builds trust with industry insiders and movie lovers alike.

If you’re a part of the film community, set the stage for online success with dot film. Get yours registered today.

A note about restrictions.

In order to register .film you must be both:

An active member of the film industry (e.g. producer, studio, director, writer, actor) or supply goods or services to the industry (e.g. lawyer, agent, financier, PR firm) and

Closely connected to the domain name you're registering. For example, the domain includes:

  • Part of your name or your organization's name
  • A film title to which you hold the rights
  • An event you organize
  • A profession that you or your employees practice

These restrictions are set by the Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd, the company that owns .film

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