Tell your story with a .page domain.

As an unrestricted domain, dot page is open to anyone looking for a cool new domain extension that creates a unique experience. Something special happens when we commit thoughts and ideas to a page. Political discussions could become law. Fanciful ideas could become the next great works of literature.

The .page domain name can bring this kind of impact to whatever you’re doing online. And it’s not just literary types who benefit — anyone with a great idea (like you) can register .page to share it with the world.

Are you a culinary expert looking to share your recipes? A .page domain name lets your fans know there’s a place to go for the delicious details. Or how about an activist seeking to raise awareness about the most important issues facing the community? A .page domain extension could easily add the extra weight that pushes people to act.

Sometimes you only need a single .page

Some ideas don’t need that much digital real estate — just space for some well-crafted text, a captivating image or two and a maybe a contact form. A simple, one-page website makes it easier for visitors to find the information they need and get in touch if they choose. And when a website uses dot page, visitors know right away that it’s offering an easy, no-frills experience with their convenience in mind.

But if you have a larger website and you’d like to spotlight a particular product or service, .page domain names can help in a big way. Use one for a micro-site and link to it from your main website. This provides a more focused experience without taking away attention from your overall awesomeness.

Create a hub for information.

With .page domains, you’re conjuring up imagery of vast libraries filled with pages and pages of knowledge. It invites visitors to step inside, get comfortable and take their time with all the information you’re sharing. While this domain is open to everyone, it’s an especially great fit for individuals and organizations focused on spreading the word:

  • Bloggers
  • News websites
  • Community bulletins
  • Help forums
  • Classified ads

Back in the days when words were mostly printed on paper, it was a big deal to have a page dedicated to information or ideas. When you register the .page extension, it brings that kind of attention to what you’re doing online. (Think of it like one of those old-school newspaper vendors peddling your site from a street corner.)

A secure namespace.

The .page domain is a secure namespace requiring HTTPS and an SSL certificate to load on most browsers. This measure of additional security will display a green lock in browser bars, indicating a secure site.

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