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Calls are recorded for "Quality Assurance"

I have been with Godaddy since 2001 and lately I am realizing that what they say and what they do are two different things. If you call in to discuss any upgrades, changes or modifications, RECORD Godaddy for Quality Assurance on your your end as well. Godaddy records your conversations for their records, I RECOMMEND doing the same on your end. Later when something does not go as discussed Godaddy will point to the Terms and Conditions that were not spoken to you. Two things:

- DON'T accept what they tell you on the phone as being true and reliable. Tell Godaddy that you would like to review the thousands of words in the fine print (Terms and Conditions) thoroughly before saying yes to something over the phone. Ask them to send the complete Terms and Conditions of what you are about to pay for, BEFORE you say, "YES" and unconsciously agree to the verbally undisclosed terms and conditions.

- Record the phone call, for your own "Quality Assurance" records between YOU and Godaddy.




Community Manager

Hi @HereSince2001. Thanks for taking the time to share your concern. While you shouldn't need to record your own conversations, it is definitely to review the Terms of Service for any provider you do business with. It would be a good idea to do so before completing any purchase. If you didn't already know, you can find all of our agreements on this page. If you ever think that a conversation needs to be reviewed on our end, letting any of our customer care agents know this should be enough to have a review requested. Hope that helps. 


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