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where to complain about an ongoing issue?

i opened an account two months ago and there have been continuous issues and errors on the part of godaddy regarding my website. the people on the phone are courteous but unhelpful. is there anywhere to complain? (i am happy to list my problem below, if that makes a difference). thank you.

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Re: where to complain about an ongoing issue?

Hello @heddyabramowitz,



You are through to the complaints department which doubles as the community forum only when Maude is here............ she's off today!


Please outpour your problems here ________________________ and we  will try and help............ really!

You are really the most polite complainer on this forum this month, so I will try and help you Smiley Happy

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Re: where to complain about an ongoing issue?



I would recommend when you call in that you ask to escalate the phone call to a supervisor or manager if you do not get the response you desire.  Smiley Wink

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Re: where to complain about an ongoing issue?

thank you. (why not be polite?)
july 6: ordered domain name and hosting. paid.
july 8: was then told that the hosting was the wrong plan - godaddy advised that i switch to plesk,  so i did. and i tried and tried, but plesk didn't work. (files not valid, etc.)
decided to try website builder, since i have used it in the past. couldn't find it. instead:
august 2: they recommended i try gocentral - but it doesn't allow for using own images and making the website "mine"  or using own coding. tried and tried - to no avail. in the meantime, i started fixing the html files on plesk so that something on the website would show up.
august 16: called godaddy and tried to switch from gocentral to website builder - was first told that it didn't exist anymore. of course, i have one website there, so i know it exists. then another agent told it would cost $50-60 extra, above the $160 already paid for hosting and domain name. (they claim because it is past the 30 day limit. of course, it is past the 30 days because it took weeks to try other options to only find out that there is a 30-day limit. oh well).
asked to speak to a supervisor.
augsut 16: was then told by a supervisor that we could switch from plesk back to cpanel at no additional cost. supervisor said that they had to send an email where i had to click to confirm. so i did. but the switch never happened.  i check every day. nothing. 
august 28: i call godaddy again. cpanel and webhosting are non-existent. i talk to someone who tells me that she sees the plesk cancellation (and miraculously, indeed plesk was cancelled) but doesn't understand why the supervisor didn't add cpanel right way. she adds it immediately. i open it up and ..... all my files are gone. just disappeared. unbelievable. now i have to start all over.  (no, no one told me that they would delete all of my files. i have a back-up of all of my pictures, but not of the changes i made to the html files on plesk directly. sucks)
this has been so so so frustrating. i just wanted a domain name, plain and simple webhosting, and access to file manager to upload and download files. is it really that hard?
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Re: where to complain about an ongoing issue?

Omg @heddyabramowitz,


You say you are frustrated? I think you have the patience of a saint!!


PM me and I will set you as straight. Bear in mind please that I am very busy, but I will always reply to messages asp. 


Im sorry for my 'sense of humour', it doesn't always translate from my head to forum very well sometimes. 😊

Re: where to complain about an ongoing issue?

i see now that you answered. i will respond to you there. and hope for the best.