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    No option to add/update WHOIS for a domain I listed for auction.

    I joined GoDaddy to sell a domain. After creating a listing and adding WHOIS info, the listing was rejected because it doesn't match the WHOIS info on file (I moved and forgot to update the address).


    Now, there are zero options to update the WHOIS info for the rejected domain listing - in fact, it doesn't exist - and I'm not prompted to enter any when I create a new listing.

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    Hi @mach1ne


    Thank you for your post. The domains contact information that displays on the whois databases can be modified at your domain registrar. If you have your domain registered with GoDaddy please use the provided link below for directions on how to update the contact information for your domain name.


    Change domain contact information


    After a contact update you may then need to verify the information. If so, please reference this additional help article for guidance.


    Verifying Contact Information for ICANN Validation


    Hope this helps!


    Thanks TechFly. This domain is hosted at Wix. Hopefully there's a way to circumvent paying for a new domain so I can list it for sale here. Or at least be prompted to re-enter the domain info for a new listing.