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Buying domains through GoDaddy Auctions®

Domains often have value that extends well beyond their initial registration price. Depending on how memorable it is or how well it ranks on Google, a premium domain listed on the GoDaddy auctions can give buyers a chance to get a name that can take their website to the next level. Certain domain purchases may include the cost of a one-year renewal or transfer. All prices on GoDaddy Auctions® listings are shown in USD, regardless of the currency you'll be paying in.

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What is the domain aftermarket?

The domain aftermarket is the secondary market for domains where buyers can attempt to acquire domains that are already registered, have recently expired or will be expiring soon.

Domain investors use domain marketplaces as a fast and easy way to put domains in front of interested buyers through the List for Sale service. It allows domain investors to reach broader audience of domain registrants. Marketplaces that offer other services, like domain parking and advertising, can be a good place to reach potential buyers in a market you are trying to target.

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What listing types does GoDaddy Auctions® offer?

We have multiple listing types available for buyers. Check out our overview of listing options for more details.

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Can I cancel my bid or offer on GoDaddy Auctions®?

No, bids and offers can't be canceled. We take the integrity of domain auctions seriously and want to make sure both buyers and sellers are protected. Each bid submitted on GoDaddy Auctions® is a binding contract, and your bid commits you to purchasing the domain if you place the winning bid. Offers must be accepted within 7 days to be valid—otherwise the offer/counter offer will expire.

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When will I get the domain I won at auction?

The timing of when you get the domain you won depends on a few different factors, and the process is slightly different for expired domain auctions.

  • Expired domain auctions: Check the Won section under Bidding List in your auctions account. Under the Status column, the date following Expired domain ready on: is your estimated delivery date. If there's no date here, your delivery date will be the same as other auction types.
  • All other auction types: Domains are typically moved into the buyer's account 1-15 days after the auction ends.

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Why didn't I win my auction?

There are several reasons why you may not win an auction.

  • Offer not accepted: Sellers aren't required to accept an offer, and the highest or only offer submitted doesn't automatically win when the auction expires. If the seller doesn't accept or counter your offer within 7 days, the offer is no longer valid.
  • Auction length extended: GoDaddy Auctions® may extend the length of an auction to allow potential buyers the opportunity to bid. If several bids are submitted in the final moments of an auction, another bidder might outbid you. A clock icon displays next to domains with extended auction time.
  • Renewal: In an expired domains auction, the original registrant may renew the domain, making it no longer available for purchase.

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More info

  • Check out our Domain Broker Service for a different option to acquire a domain that's already registered.
  • GoDaddy doesn't send any tax documents pertaining to the purchase or sale of domains through GoDaddy Auctions® or List for Sale, such as 1099 forms. All earnings must be self-reported by the seller. GoDaddy is not able to offer legal or tax advice, and we recommend reviewing your specific situation with a tax professional.

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