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Listing Premium Domains Error -DOMAIN NOT FOUND:

I’m trying to add domains to sell in the premium listing page found here:

However, no matter how I try I get the same strange error response:

DOMAIN NOT FOUND:, 5627, on, 3398, on, 1879, on, 3800, on, 2330, on, 4970, on, 2596, on, 1262, on, 4021, on

We could not list these domains. To proceed, edit the domain information you entered and click Next.
I’m sure I followed the required format to list the domains:
And of course, the domains do exist. We own them. And the WHOIS contact info is correct.

Also, all of these  domains have already been approved in Godaddy auctions, now expired.   For a large company like Godaddy, this is a very disappointing error dialog with no real explanation. What am I doing wrong?