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    Disabling server side compression of SWF files?

    I create and host ebooks on a few hosted sites for my firm. All of a sudden they won't open in traditional browsers when they were working fine before. The application vendor says it's being caused by server-side compression of SWF files.


    By disabling server side compression of SWF files (which are already compressed by default), the issue should vanish and the flash versions should load fine. They go on to say that I should be able to configure the host server to exclude SWF files from being compressed. I can't find out how to do it and am sick of being on hold with GoDaddy support. Anyone know how I do this?

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    Hey @speds,


    What you're describing sounds like something that would require custom scripting of your site configuration files to apply. Unfortunately, there's no one set way to go about this change as some have managed this with .htaccess while others would use .ini files. If you've already had some success in this on your own, do let us know.

    If you still need some help towards this goal, should be a few tutorials and scripting forums available in your preferred search engine results that might offer a good solution. I did find one such discussion through a quick look up; maybe this can help:


    If any other members have encountered similar issues that required disabling a server side compression, perhaps they can share some more insight?

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    I figured it out on my own so it can be done. To save anyone else hours of time, here's what I did to suppress gzip on a shared host website.


    Update the .htaccess file with this code:


    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1 [NS,E=no-gzip:1,E=dont-vary:1]


    This solution broke my website.  Still looking for a solution to this "NEW" problem.