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    Do I have to publish the website to allow others to see it for review?

    I apologize for this stupid question, but do I have to publish the website in order to allow someone to review it? I'm having it reviewed and will need to make more changes, so does it have to be "live" in order for others to see it? I'm not ready for it to be found yet.


    I can edit it after I publish, correct?

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    Helper V


    Hi there Sophsmom,

    No question is stupid per say ..... if you dont ask then how will you know right? 🙂

    Your site does need to be published to be seen. Whatever program you are using there might be a unpublish feature , or a maintenance feature to put it into after whomever has taken a looksy.....

    Hope this helps

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    I'm using the Website Builder ... Once published I can still go back in to edit it, right?
    Helper V

    Generally speaking, publish means copy the files and configuration. Yes, you can edit it more later.


    For typical web sites, there are many options for doing what you are asking. Since in this case it is Website Builder, there are probably no options; you likely must publish what you have in order for others to see it, even to review it. Yes, you can edit it some more later; it is not like it is being published as a book on real paper.