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    How to have Blogs automatically inform my subscribers when a new blog is posted

    Hi all, Need help!

    I want to create a blog on my site and when I post it it automatically feeds my subscribers a post to inform them, the issue is that when I go to RSS to Email feed it gives me an error saying no RSS feed from my site available, can anyone help?  This is for I am being told different things from godaddy chat and email help and no one seems to know if it is a bug and programmers are working on it or not.


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    Helper II

    Hello @EWriter1,


    Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


    Hello, I can help you with your problem... is your website is WordPress? or custom built website?

    If you really need help from a programmer and a developer please send me a private message and I will respond to you as soon as I receive your private message. Alright!




    Former Employee

    Hi @EWriter1,


    Thanks for the message!  While there's a multi-step way to manually set this up, we're feverishly working on building a tool to automate it.  It'll take us 3-4 more weeks, but we're definitely working on it right now. 


    Ultimately, you will be able to just enable this option in your Blog Manager with the most common default settings. You'll be able to change the settings if you'd like, but don't have to. Turning this option on will add a "sign up for updates" form on your blog posts and will add the folks who sign up to a special list so they receive the updates they're looking for.


    Thanks again for the message.



    Sr. PM, GoCentral Blog