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    OTT Platform

    I am creating in setting this post for those interested in learning about OTT (Over The Top) platforms.  Those used in video streaming.  The idea is to have a place where techies can discuss sources to help build, trouble shoot, etc. and those not so techie to meet independent developers.  I hope this is helpful to many of us.  Cheers.

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    Hey @2017NYR,


    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    I have to admit, I don't know much of the technical aspects of OTT beyond what most find in a Wikipedia article. Should be interesting to see what others discuss about it here. 


    Perhaps you could start us off with a little more details? Like what are some of the basics to know about OTT? Any interesting business applications small businesses or start ups could benefit from in utilizing this? Sounds like you may have some interesting things to share already. 


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    Have an account with Godaddy under www.ameriakivagyok.com  Just renewed my user contract...interested in OTT options available by GoDaddy using my web site...plz advise