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    Wordpress Managed Issues

    My website has been a mess since I did the Woocommerce upgrade and I suspect that the php and MySQL versions are to blame. I wonder when Godaddy is going to do something about this? do to the fact php and MySQL is need to be update with a new versions my website stop work shipping methods is not work on the theme i use i ask you to look into Wordpress Managed it work fine on storefront but i have bug there to

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    Advocate VII

    Hi @joeelectronics,


    I couldn't agree more.  This is particularly true when you look at a cPanel hosting package and you can select php versions up to 5.6.  Given the need for the latest security, performance and advanced feature, it would be great to get updated php versions.


    With that being said, if a huge company like GoDaddy made some custom code changes for their optimized Wordpress setup that are php 5.4 dependent then making an update to new versions of php may be easier said than done. 




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     can we get free upgrade  to  Linux web hosting  i try  Windows web hosting but it was gone slow now i gone change it to  Linux web hosting  if this cannot be fix ?

    Hi @joeelectronics, my recommendation in this case is to give our live support teams a call.  Our hosting teams can take a look at your Managed Wordpress site and see why you may be experiencing issues with your WooCommerce integration.  It's possible that there may be something that can be adjusted or updated to get everything working as intended.  

    If you'd prefer to make the switch from Managed Wordpress over to a cPanel hosting plan, they can help you get that set up as well.  Please give our teams a call at your earliest convenience.  Thanks.  



    One thing on doing the WooCommerce upgrade.  It definitely does change the database, but it will work fine on a php 5.4 environment (doing it now).  However, when I originally performed the upgrade some goofy things happened.  For example, I use the "Vendors" plugin and my vendors didn't list properly.  I ended up having to update the WP core, all woocommerce related plugins, my theme (Avada) and any third party plugins that integrated with woocommerce (WP-Affiliates).   It took some time to, but WooCommerce was the real issue and not the php version.


    Hope this helps,


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    Getting Started

    Managed WordPress is not even using what WordPress suggests.
    Look here -->

    How is this possible for a managed environment??? I feel like people are getting robbed. Is GoDaddy going to resolve this issue?

    Product Team

    Hello.  We have hardware on order to upgrade our object caching layer to Redis.  This will also allow us to upgrade our PHP version to 5.6.  We plan to update our MySQL version soon after.




    Has the upgrade been completed?

    I am so disappointed in GD. I've used them for years and have always had a good experience. Until now. Why are you so outdated?

    Hi everyone, for a more updated.  For an update on the upgrade status please see this thread: