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Adding domain from one GoDaddy account to hosting on a different account

So I'm trying to apply a domain that was previously used on a Squarespace site to from one Godaddy account to hosting on a separate Godaddy account. I've disconnected the domain from Squarespace, but am having trouble getting it to point to my hosting. 


If someone's able to give me a step by step, it's much appreciated!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Adding domain from one GoDaddy account to hosting on a different account

Hi @think804. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! There are a few things you'll need to do in order to make this work. First, add the domain to the hosting account you want to use. This has to be done within the GoDaddy account the hosting is in. If it's a new hosting plan, you can just set the plan up and specify the domain in question. If it's an existing account, the way you add the domain has to do with the type of account you have:

While you're adding the domain, look at the control panel for the hosting plan. You should be able to find its IP address there. You'll want to make note of it for later. 


The next two steps need to be done in the account the domain is in. Make sure the domain is parked.  Once you've done that, update the domain's A Record so that it points to the IP address of your hosting account. Once you do that, the connection should work! Hope that helps. 



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