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Can't change domain's contact details



I have a problem about editing my domain who-is contact.

My default emails is down for a while and can't be repaired, so i can't accept email verification about approval of domain contact updates.


Any solutions except calling support? Chat is not always available here 😞

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Hi @oktorio,

Firstly what is your domain name?

@rammsteinium wrote:

Hi @oktorio,

Firstly what is your domain name?

Hi ,

Here my domain name :
As you see this domain is expiring and i want to change my whois details so i can transfer it another account and then renew it. But my email that set for that domain ( is already expired for domain so services for email is expired too.

Any solutions here?


Hi @oktorio


Unfortunately, it appears that your domain is expired. The data on an expired domain cannot be updated without escalation with your preferred data. You will need to contact customer support at your convenience to have the issue escalated to the correct department to make your changes. Please check the link below for a number convenient to you.


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