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Company domain was stolen when it expired

Hi Daddies and mummies , I had registered for a domain name on when it expired ,The backdoor dealers bought it . When i check on the whois information . Neither their phone no nor email goes through . The domain name is for a company of which it had incoming business emails. related to confidential information.

How can i get the Domain. back .

Thank you



Helper IV

When your domain expires and you fail to renew it in time, there is a good chance it is backordered by someone else.


Unfortunately your options are limited and you will most likely never be able to get it back unless you buy it back from the people who bought it. If they don't answer, it's unlikely they wish to sell it right now.


Sorry for the bad news.

Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
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Helper V

I think there are two issues here, one of which you might be able to do something about.


The new owner of the domain name does not have access to the email messages that was sent before they owned the domain name. If you are concerned about them getting that then they can't. They probably can access the messages sent after they obtained the domain name and there is probably nothing you can do about that unless you work something out with them.


The other issue is the domain name. As was said, you probably cannot do anything except work something out with the new owners and that will likely be costly.


I have lost two domain names because I could not pay for them. One of them is for my name and obviously the only reason they purchased the domain name is so they can sell it. They won't sell it for less than $700. I can't say here what I really think about the sleazy people that do that.


Don't let your domain names expire. Computers make it a certainty that people will take advantage of the opportunity.