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Domain Doesn't work

I bought new domain from godaddy 3 days ago, and i linked it to godaddy hosting also. After that, WordPress site worked normally, but after linking the domain to Zoho Mail throught adding Cname and MX and TXT, then installing ZohoMil plugin in WordPress site, The domain became doesn't work 3 days ago.
after that i deleted Cname, TXT, MX and change nameservers, but without result.

please I need to solve the problem?!!

Former Employee

Greetings @mohamedbouaouio ,


Thanks for posting. I notice the domain without the "www" goes to a parked page, but adding the "www" doesn't show the same result. I would suggest that it is certainly the way your DNS is set up. I would also suggest that making multiple changes can just confuse things further.

What I would do is lay out what you want to do to 24/7 Support, have them assist you in configuring it and then allow propagation time for the changes to take effect. Remember these updates don't occur instantly.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

ok bro i will put host ip address in DNS type (A), Yes?
how can i forward domain name to www.?
Best Regards