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Domain No Longer Parked by

I purchased a domain from godaddy.  I then purchased hosting through bluehost.  I setup my account with bluehost and once I received confirmation with DNS Nameservers I logged into godaddy and changed those.  My domain is now pointed to bluehost.


I installed wordpress.  When I try to access my admin login page, I get a message that states the website is no longer parked by godaddy.  What did I do wrong?  Thanks in advance. 

Helper IV

Can you please provide your domain name and a screen shot of your domain server configuration at GoDaddy?

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I am having the same issue except i am hosting using wordpress managed with godaddy

Hey @empoweringjoy,


It's likely invalid nameservers in use on your domain. You can check to make sure you're using the correct nameservers here. If you'd like more direct assistance confirming the correct servers in use, feel free to call our live support so they can help out. 


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@eknight74 & @empoweringjoy You can find info on Unparking (activating) Your Domain Name. Let us know if you've been able to get everything taken care of. Thanks!


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I'm facing the same problem with a .global domain. My server names are correct but, as I've switched hosting, I can no longer manage my DNS zone files.


From a quick search, I found several solutions pointing to A or AAAA records added automatically by Godaddy.


How can I solve this?