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Expired Domain not Listed

Good afternoon. I have my receipt from having purchased a particular domain, and I realize now that it expired in April--my credit card was cancelled for security purposes, and I didn't receive notice at my current email before it expired. This domain is not listed in expired domains, and when I search for it to buy it, I get the message, "Sorry, is taken.". When I check whois, the status is "pending delete." How can I get my domain back?
Former Employee

Hi @MargueriteD,


Well, the first thing I would check is the contact information and notification settings on the account and any other domains is correct and up-to-date. We never want you to lose a wanted domain and we send multiple renewal notices both before and right after expiration.


As far as this domain, I wish I had better news, but the "pending delete" you see on the WHOIS is a Registry status. What this means is that while the domain still shows that it is still attributed to us ("taken") it is under the control of The Registry and we cannot directly recover it. 


At this point, you may want to try a backorder (online or with any representative) or just wait until it "drops" and attempt to re-register it. Neither is a guarantee, however, which  is why I suggested a review of the settings to prevent future occurrences.


I hope that helps some,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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