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Expired Domain

Hello, I have domain It was expired on december 2, 2017. Now i want to renew my domain but not shown on my godaddy account. Please solve this issue. 
My godaddy customer #  117214220

Your domain appears to be in the "redemption period" which is the time from when it expired to the time it is available to the general public. I believe you need to call GoDaddy and they can help you with this. However, I think there is an extra fee to redeem the domain as it has been expired for almost 2 mos. I would hurry however as I think that the redemption period may only be 60 days. I do not work for GoDaddy, just trying to help out.


Have a great day.

Thanks for your support.

Can you please tell me what would be extra fee to redeem the domain?

I am not sure exactly, but it seems like it is between $80-$100. I have had one expire in the past year and it seems it was in that range. They could tell you on the phone I am sure.