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GD blocks registrant data from showing in others' WHOIS!!!

I found 2 sites WhoIS without the annoying Captcha. I wasted so much time looking up various domains, even some of my own. Long-story-short, if you look up your GD held domains or someone else's (who does not have privacy set as they want to be contacted), GD blocks your info from showing in other sites' WhoIs!!! It looks like you have privacy set & this isn't right. Makes me want to give them less business....

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: GD blocks registrant data from showing in others' WHOIS!!!

Hi @kryptic. We do mask some WHOIS information when listings are pulled in bulk (via port 43). however, we do have a way for service providers to request unmasked bulk results, but they need to contact us directly. It may be that the sites you used have not followed this process yet. For more information, please see this article


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Re: GD blocks registrant data from showing in others' WHOIS!!!

I get wanting to decrease spam, but the problem is that some people who don't pay for privacy WANT to be contacted. Since GD blocks our info, we can't be contacted + the people using these other WhoIs don't know that the info is blocked. They think we have privacy set, hence we aren't contacted. That's a problem when one WANTS to be contacted. (The phone # {tactical} & email, umm, I use are given with spam in mind. I do certain things to make my spam not as annoying, like sorting spam folder by address.)

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Super User III

Re: GD blocks registrant data from showing in others' WHOIS!!!



In this instance it's one of those "The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few" scenarios. GoDaddy receives a lot more complaints about the spam than not. 


Good news, though! Proper SEO technique can more than make up for this small lack of visibility. Truthfully, you probably don't want a whole lot of the traffic and visibility you'd get from people that pull bulk records like that. You want quality traffic to come to your site or business. GoDaddy actually has several products and services to help with SEO. You should check them out. 

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