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HELP!!How do I Set up 301 redirects for my sub pages??? Forwarded home but getting 404 on the pages

I have created a new website and forwarded my new URL to the new URL but only the home page forwarded.  I really need to figure out how to 301 redirect the other pages!!!


For example - I forwarded to and it forwards but when I try to view it shows up as a 404 broken link.  


The about us is my most important page!!!  I appreciate any help!!




Super User I

I can see it's a WordPress site. How did you set up the 301 on the main domain? Is it forwarded from the setting in the domain, or somewhere in the code on the old site?  

If the old domain no longer has hosting associated with it, you would want to do it at the domain level.

This is from the GoDaddy help system: