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How do I edit my nameservers or transfer away a .it domain?

I registered my .it domain months ago, and I have never been able to do anything with it. Godaddy support was WORTHLESS. He had no idea what to do, treated me like a child (I'm a systems administrator with 25 years experience who has started several Anycasted DNS providers. I've forgotten more about DNS than you will EVER know), and he completely failed to help me. 

Now I am at the point where I am going to sue you if you don't help me. This is unacceptable by any measure of business. FIX YOUR BROKEN SOFTWARE

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Hi @annoyedbythis,


may I ask where in the world you reside?

There are some restrictions, read at bottom who can register an '.it' domain:


Also on transferring a '.it' domain :


...and now would you like a Lollipop for being good? Or a balloon?


Incidentally giving your domain gives us a little more to work with on diagnosing any issues....