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My domain stopped working when I tried to redirect my page

Hi, my name is Kevin.

My domain stopped working when I tried to redirect my page.


I tried to redirect my page ( to and my page stopped working. Subsequently, I reversed the changes I made to the DNS settings, removing the redirection, it's been around for 30 hours and I still can not see my page online, however, at i can see that it is working properly. What did I do wrong? Should I wait more time? Or did I damage the configuration of the Nameservers?


Sorry for my bad english,

Kevin G.

Helper VI

Hi @KevinGarcia, welcome to the community! 🙂


These are the DNS records that shows for your site:


DNS Records for
Hostname Type TTL Priority Content
zona072.comSOA599 2017081704 28800 7200 604800 600


However, when I visit your site, I see a "Parked by GoDaddy". And /portal shows error not found.


Do you have your site published?

Or the Parked by GD is ok?


Hope it helps!


PS: Se entiende bien tu post! 😉


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Yeah, i have the site is published and was working perfectly, but yesterday when i was trying to redirect the site to the .../portal,  i can´t access to the website. Is for that, i deleted all the configuration at DNS Redirection Panel, and i returned to the factory settings. I think that i have to wait more time until the DNS works better. I deleted the cache too and tried with the command "ipconfig /flushdns". I tried with VPN like HotSpot Shield. It didn´t work.  

The only way I can see the page is trough  GoDaddy visualization


Thank you a lot Jpablo. Your answer was very fast Smiley Happy