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MySQL issues


We are having several issues with MySQL on godaddy:

- An existing and long-time running web stopped working, not sure when, but with no changes in our side. Error after a few seconds is:

Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' in /home/content/.../db.php on line xxx

- From phpmyadming interface, even the most simple queries which use any table from our database fail. For example:

select pk from table limit 1

- We've tried to repair the test table we used and the repair returned ok, but the query takes too long and doesn't work.

- We tried to create a new database (we still have many remaining) and it's "Pending setup" for 5 days already.


What can we try to fix the issues?




We called support and they said the web server was migrated but the MySQL server wasn't, so the connection from one to the other didn't work.


They are migrating MySQL servers now, they said it could take up to 24h.


We'll update here when we have any news.