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Pointing my Domain name to Go daddy.

Trying to publish my Go Daddy website which i have recently built. I get to the point where i am told to have my Domain name pointed to my Go daddy site. However I am redirected to Microsoft 365 login (My current website of the same Domain name). From there I am directed to Melbourne with whom my Domain name is registered. It is all confusing, how do i point my domain name to my Go daddy site away from Microsoft?

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There is a great chart that GoDaddy provides @dav657 I hope that helps?

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@dav657, go to your account, click on "Manage" for Domains, click on your web site, click on "DNS Zone File". Look at the bottom for the two nameservers. Then go to your registrar and put the nameservers into your DNS configuration in your registrar's site. Let us know if any of that does not apply or whatever.