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Privacy Protection Fail

I have purchased dozens of domain names from GoDaddy over the years, and I made the mistake of not purchasing privacy protection on one of them. Almost immediately I started getting barraged with solicitors on my personal telephone, which continues to this day (an average of 10+ calls every day), not to mention the spam email that I now receive.  Privacy protection is nothing more than a source of revenue for GoDaddy that is built upon extorting customers that do not want their contact information sold, or made available through WHOIS.  And nevermind that privacy protection actually costs more than the domain registration itself! What a racket. I am furious with GoDaddy for sharing my contact information and throwing me to the piranhas, and I am just as upset that you extort money from me every time I purchase a domain, just to stop you from doing it again. The default protocol should be that you do NOT post (or sell) our contact information, ever, unless we CHOOSE to opt in. Pretty shady business ethics if you ask me.

Community Manager

Hi @BMood. I can definitely understand your frustration with receiving solicitor calls and spam emails. This is one of the reasons why we opt customers into the privacy service for all new domain registrations during the checkout process. We've also taken new approaches to try to prevent WHOIS data gathering by limiting bulk WHOIS requests. Please know that we do not sell info as it would be against our privacy policy. It also wouldn't make sense, since the solicitors that are contacting you would be direct competitors, offering similar services to what we ourselves offer. 


Also, we do appreciate you taking the time to share your pricing concerns. We value your comments and would like to take this opportunity to better explain our pricing and service structure.

We may not be the 'cheapest' registrar in the industry on every single price point, but we are certainly competitive and beyond price, we work to provide a much richer value proposition than our competitors. We believe it's our reliability and service that truly set GoDaddy apart. We provide award-winning, personalized telephone service 24/7 every day of the year to all of our customers. Few, if any, of the registrars in our price range, provide free, around-the-clock telephone service.

Discounts on new services are more common to help customers (new and existing) get started with new business endeavors and ventures. This is probably why you're seeing the initial registration charge be less than the privacy charge. Once they are established, we hope that they see the value of our products and services beyond simply a price point, and choose to continue using our services.

While our standard list pricing is competitive across the industry, we also offer deeper discounts on new and renewal domain purchases through our Bulk Order and Discount Domain Club.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.