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Site went down after auto renewal

My site went down the day of my auto renewal. I didn't do anything and didn't notice it for about a week. Just got the 404 page every time I tried to go to the site. Verified the lack of traffic by looking at the page hits. No traffic got to my site since renewal. I ended up removing the site and loading it back on as a new site. Any ideas what would have caused this. Was able to verify site was back live through support but not able to find out what caused the problem.

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Hi @timothykeeley,

I take it that your site is up and running again?

As to why? The same reason perhaps that one, just one sock always goes missing in the washing machine, where and why? Gremlins! That's my theory and one day I'll prove it to the world.


Folk often wonder why site maintenance is needed, this is just one reason why.

Have a good day!